Vox-L Classroom

Vox-L Classroom was specifically designed so that teachers and students could harness the power of Vox-L on a simple classroom chromebook! Vox-L Classroom is free to use and no account creation is required.

Imagine Minecraft meets Scratch: Vox-L Classroom has an abundance of artistic assets and a simple drag-and-drop coding IDE, but inside an immersive 3D voxel world.

Development is ongoing, but you can start using Vox-L Classroom now at build.vox-l.com

Also, we are continually producing educational resources for our software. For example, check out our latest workbook

Why did we make a version of Vox-L for K-12 Educators?

Professions involving computer programming consistently top the charts as some of the highest paying, highest satisfaction jobs out there! But currently, we just don't have enough programmers to keep up with industry demand:

Computer Science Education Statistics

Computer Science Education Statistics

By making a verison of Vox-L freely available to educators and accessible on Chromebooks, we hope to be part of the solution! Stay tuned for other resources for educators, including Vox-L Classroom Workbooks & professional development courses!


Simple Drag-and-Drop Coding IDE: Coding IDE

Kids can build complex programs using a library of built-in artistic assets: Assets

The code above, spawns these 3 creatures in a 3D voxel world: Assets

And more artistic assets are available to students every day: Assets

Vox-L Classroom is still in development, so if you have suggestions, please send them to stephen [at-sign] thoughtstem [dot-sign] com.