We've just finished version one of our Vox-L: Learn to Code workbook. We're using it in classes around San Diego. It teaches the basics of computational thinking and how to use our free Vox-L classroom software.

Computer Science Education Statistics

  • 67 pages of workbook activities: These are pen and paper activities that reinforce key computer science concepts like functions, loops, and variables.
  • It's programming language agnostic: We designed a workbook that could be useful to any teacher teaching any programming language. Activities within the workbook reinforce the concepts without requiring students to know the specifics of any particular programming language!
  • QR codes on each workbook page: Learning doesn't stop at just what's in the workbook. Kids can use their Chromebooks to scan QR codes that link to additional learning activities online!
  • Immersive online activities: We wanted a workbook that kids could take home from our classes and have fun with! The online activities linked in the workbook use Vox-L Classroom, a programming software that can best be described as a cross between MIT's Scratch and Minecraft.